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Magical Hug Gloves

Magical Hug Gloves

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Our magical hug gloves present you and yours with the chance to return love and Christmas spirit, which the elf brings so much of during the holiday season. 

The sequin gloves come with a certified letter from Mrs. Claus explaining how special these magical gloves are and how to use them. The letter reads:

If you are reading this it means that Santa has seen something truly special in you!

These gloves are not given to any boy or girl. You see, these gloves hold magic within! They allow you to hug and love an elf with your own two hands!

Please know, there are just a few rules that must be followed with care.

1. Always ask your parents permission each time you want to wear them. 

2. Put them on and then place your hands to your heart. (This really gets their magic started!)

3. DO NOT WEAR THEM LONGER THAN 5 MINUTES. After 5 minutes the gloves power begins to lessen and your elf's magic will be affected!

Take care of them and follow the rules set forth before you. With greatness always comes great responsibility. 

Love, Mrs. Claus

Please note, there are 2 sizes available, pre-school and big kid. 

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